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Dec. 6th, 2018 07:04 pm
My chaptered Twilight fics are abandoned.
My chaptered Walking Dead fic is abandoned.

I have a tendency to drag my characters through horribly angsty situations that may, can, and will traumatise them emotionally. This is so that they can climb out a changed person on the other side. The situations I put my characters in may include violence, abuse, domestic violence and abuse, sexual coercion, sexual assault, forced marriages, forced pregnancies and the death of loved ones (including pregnancies and children). I often have characters that experience mental illness that may result in the need for counselling. I may use gore as a shock factor at times. I will rate anything that has these sorts of themes as mature or explicit but if tagging for one of these situations would reveal a major spoiler, I'm reluctant to do so.

If any of these situations (or others) may trigger you, I do apologise and encourage you to private message me so that I can give you warnings up front. I don't want to upset any of my readers. Fanfiction is something we all indulge in and I believe we should be able to curate our experiences to things we enjoy. In order to facilitate that, if a story sounds interesting (even as a WIP) but you'd like a more thorough warning of anything that may present itself within the story, please message me.

I designed a little market bag for one of my bingo squares! Be forewarned, I have not tested this or had anyone else test it, I wrote it as I went. I'll probably make some more to test the pattern more thoroughly later and I plan to make a larger version.

I have tested v.1 and created a v.2! (Will make a second bag to test the pattern at a later date.)

My Ravelry page for the produce is here. Patterns of produce used were by Patti, here and here.

My series that inspired this is called Plums!

Now updated! Small Market Bag with Reinforced Rim! )

Small Market Bag v.1 )
One of my stories, Ascension, has been nominated and proceeded through the semi-finals of the third annual Granger Enchanted Awards to become a Finalist in the "Shaken, Not Stirred" Best Action/Adventure Storyline category! I had no idea any of my work had been nominated at all, so that's a cool surprise.

Read more... )

If you're not opposed to this sort of thing, here's a list of the Finalists and here's the link to vote! (Voting is live until April 27th at 11:59PM CST. Voting is open to all as long as voters can provide an active email address and a full facebook name (meant to reduce duplicate voting.))

More commentary... )

Thank you to whoever nominated and voted for Ascension in the Semi-Finals!
I wrote 1,490 words this week.

Finishing off two bingo squares, neither of which I've shared yet because I want to do art for them and I haven't done those yet (because now I have to art people and not just fruit/veg or a cat and yikes! people!)

1,000 words on Out of Season
405 words on Stealth Mission
85 words on the next untitled one

I start mood-modifying drugs again tomorrow. I hope they'll help level me out so I'm not having these every-other-month lows. I mean, looking back at my weekly stats definitely shows a cyclical pattern in my writing. It's obviously not just my writing but it is reflected there in nice easy to understand numbers.

To make my (lowest) end goal (30k) for the month my adjusted daily word goal is: 1,020
To make my (NaNO) end goal (36k) for the month my adjusted daily word goal is: 1,420
To make my (highest) end goal (75k) for the month my adjusted daily word goal is: 4,020, lol
I wrote 12,049 words this week.

Mostly at the beginning of the week. Depression brain kicked back in so I'm just trying not to go back to bed most of the day.

6,013 words for We Named Her Evelyn (Camp NaNo)
2,536 words for the Shrunkyclunks Bang fic (I finally have a name for it!)
1,845 words for Bingo squares
1,032 words for something that was going to be PWP and never got there
623 words for my SSR Assignment

Bucky Barnes Bingo

from [tumblr.com profile] buckybarnesbingo
KINK: Public Bathrooms Werecreatures Guns Prisoners / Captives Together KINK: Aliens Made Them Do It
Steve Rogers | Captain America KINK: Sex Magic Apology KINK: fuck or die Sam Wilson | Falcon
Groot Sent to a Different Dimension Free Space Grocery Run Zombie
KINK: pet names Pining Comics!Bucky with a white cat Wedding fic KINK: Vibes in Public
AU: John Wick Safe House AU: Urban Fantasy Winterwidow
(Bucky / Natasha)
Nose Kiss
Card's here.
I wrote 12,320 words this week.

I didn't make 50k in 15 days. I didn't even make 40k in that time. I did get 36k which got me much close to my year-to-date goal. (I'm about 1k from where I should be. I'm hoping to knock that out today.)

My day one of April Camp NaNo wasn't a very promising start because of anticipatory anxiety for jury duty (it got cancelled, heck yes!). Again, hoping I can get on track so I'm not behind the entire month.

I also need to make time to crochet. I told one of my [community profile] caprbb authors that I would be making a second picture. The time is closing for me to craft the things I need for that.
Words: 30,000*
Hours Spent Writing: 25
Hours Spent Editing: 5
Scenes: 42

We Named Her Evelyn - This is my Camp NaNo project!
42 scenes left, rough estimate of 42k words
Errata!: I had a typo in my spreadsheet. At the beginning of the month I had 36 scenes left and about 36k words

[tumblr.com profile] shrunkyclunksbigbang fic
6 scenes left, rough estimate of 6k words

Love Marks the Soul - This is my [community profile] wipbigbang project!
45 scenes, rough estimate of 35k words - I'm hoping to get at least a few scene done for the first check in but the majority of this project has been pushed to May. I think.

SSR Assignment - from [community profile] ssrconfidential
500 min word count per fic assignment

Bingo Bananza! - I joined [community profile] fluffbingo, [tumblr.com profile] buckybarnesbingo, and [tumblr.com profile] star-spangled-bingo
I'm hoping to combine some of the prompts on my way to blacking them out. If I don't combine any then that's 75 fics with a minimum wordcount total of 37k words

*This is my minimum word count goal to keep me on track for the rest of the year (1k a day). If I complete everything on my queue I'm looking at about close to 80k. 75k.
Goals Realized
Words Written: 31,000 46,979
Hours Spent Writing: 25 35.75
Hours Spent Editing: 6 13
Scenes 31 47

Worked On:
34,393 words on [community profile] caprbb fic
9,829 words on [tumblr.com profile] shrunkyclunksbigbang fic
1,513 words on an unannounced fic for [livejournal.com profile] btfchallenge
1,005 words on Glowing Gold

Winter's Tale (AO3 | FFN)
Six chapters left! (including the one that's supposed to drop today...)

Glowing Gold (AO3 | FFN)
A Ginny/Loki story written for the Marvelously Magical Fanfiction Facebook group's March Roll-a-Drabble, my prompt: Superpower/Magic Swap

Trust Lost
The first English fic for the the TV mini-series Labyrinth on AO3! Will be revealed later in April!

Wrong Delivery* by DragongirlG & KOranges
Command me to be well by Menatiera & capsiclemycaptain
A Brilliant Beyond Brilliant Idea by skatzaa
Let Them Eat Cake* by Deisderium & Kelsey_Fantasy
Reconcilable Differences* by NachoDiablow
Sidereal* by girlbookwrm & verbalatte
Don't Let the Tide Come and Wash Us Away* by alittlewicked & hey_you_with_the_face
Pin Me Down So I Can Sleep by sharkie335
Your Voice In My Head by ceusun
Hey Blondie! Move. by yourekindof_weird
How to Meet Cute by boopboop
Nothing against pineapples, but... by boopboop
straight from your heart by luninosity
Rest your soul against mine* by Menatiera
Seven times Steve Rogers was not what everyone expected him to be (+1 time he really, really wasn't what everyone expected him to be) by StuckySituation
The Road to Hell is Paved with Tony's Good Intentions by pinlilli
Brambles and Bonfires by StarshipEnterprise & Lasenby_Heathcote

I also crocheted about 50 hours this week.

*These stories are part of the [tumblr.com profile] stuckyaubang!
Glowing Gold – AO3 | FFN

Ginny starts having bouts of Loki-like accidental magic, complete with golden glow. Frigga is the one to figure out why.

Fandom: HP, MCU
Complete: yes
Pairing: Ginny/Loki
Rating: general
Length: 1,005 words

Warnings: Superpower/Magic Swap, Accidental Pregnancy, Everybody Lives

Part of the Of Might and Magic collection
cover for Glowing Gold

Star-Spangled Bingo

from [tumblr.com profile] star-spangled-bingo
Threesome Dirty Talk Spanking Laughing During Sex Roleplaying
Sex Fully Clothed Filming Themselves Having Sex Loud Sex Coffee Shop AU Detective AU
Firefighter AU Artist AU Free Space Kissed to Be Kept Quiet Love Letters
Accidentally Married Fake Dating Clothes Sharing Mutual Pining Touch-Starved
Domestic AU Time Travel Polyamory Hurt/Comfort Forbidden Love
*When I asked for a change, the Free Space disappeared and a blank square was in the bottom corner. I've rearranged it to look like a proper bingo card. And edited a few of the words.
Snagged from [personal profile] nachodiablo!

RULES: List the first lines of the last ten stories you published. Look to see if there are any patterns that you notice yourself, and see if anyone else notices any!

Read more... )

I tend to start with a character and establish a POV first rather than elaborate on a setting. Sometimes I think if my work were for the stage it would be a minimalist sort of thing with only a few props and not much of a backdrop.
I wrote 18,578 words this week.

And I completed my CapRBB fic last night! Woot! I might not make 50k in 15 days because I had a few low days where words just didn't want to happen but never say never, I guess. 6 days at 4k is still technically feasible if a bit unlikely.

And because I wanted to write this out:
1 exchange: [community profile] ssrconfidential
2 bingos: [community profile] fluffbingo & [tumblr.com profile] buckybarnesbingo
3 bangs: [community profile] caprbb*, [tumblr.com profile] shrunkyclunksbigbang & [community profile] wipbigbang
+ April Camp NaNo

There are two more bangs that I'm thinking about signing up for but the signups either haven't opened yet or they're open for a bit longer, so I'm going to think about it for a while before doing it.

* Some of my art is featured in their latest artist spotlight! (It's the Captain America-Winter Soldier pillow.)
I wrote 11,254 words this week.

Hot damn.

Over half of that was done in the last two days. I decided I was going to try to finish my [community profile] caprbb and my [tumblr.com profile] shrunkyclunksbigbang stories by the end of the month, which according to my estimates would be about 50k. So 50k in 15 days. I've done that three years in a row for NaNo, so, yeah. I haven't written at all today though, because, migraine. It's eased so after the news, I'm definitely going to try. I need to edit the next chapter of Winter's Tale, I let it slip up on me so I'm not ahead anymore.

I did 23 hours of crochet too.

I signed up for [community profile] fluffbingo and [tumblr.com profile] shrunkyclunksbigbang and in a few days I'm going to sign up for [community profile] wipbigbang and [tumblr.com profile] buckybarnesbingo. (wth am I doing, right?). Oh, and I'm planning to do Camp NaNo.

To make my end goal for the month my adjusted daily word goal is: 1,058

If I want to make 50k in 15 days, I need to write 3,311 words today and each of the next 12 days.

Bingo Card #35

from [community profile] fluffbingo
Flowers Passion Words of Affirmation Hug Public Display of Affection
One More Time Beside Me Dance Insatiable Soft
Blissful Veg Out ♥ FREE SPACE ♥ Sparks Quiet
Perfect Day Time Discovery Room Key Fun
Movies Happy With You Perfume Naked
I wrote 3,552 words this week.

I got some words on my CapRBB! Yay. <-- I feel like that is the most sarcastic, craptastic yay ever, by the way.

I'm having the hardest time focusing. Words feel like molasses. And my dumb brain is like, "oh there's a Bucky Barnes Bingo starting up, and a Fluff Bingo, and the Shrunkyclunks Bang I wanted to sign up for. Oh, now there's a GYWO Yahztee, I should sign up for those!" No, I shouldn't because then I'll just have even more on my plate. But all of the requirements are low. Just small things to get the words flowing.

There were 20 hours of crochet this week. I honestly don't know what I've been doing besides writing and crocheting. I guess a big chunk was researching for my CapRBB fic but I still feel like I'm missing hours of my days somehow. I guess that's executive dysfunction.

To make my end goal for the month my adjusted daily word goal is: 1,251

If I wanted to commit to catching up like that post from GYWO suggested, I'd need to write 4,181* words every day for a week. Which when you look at my NaNo totals, doesn't sound unattainable but from this spot in this word ditch I'm in, it looks insurmountable.

*If I did my math correctly. I may not have, it's one of those days/months/years, it seems.

AO3 Meme

Mar. 9th, 2019 04:01 pm
Rules: Go to your AO3 works page, expand all the filters, and answer the following questions! (Snagged from [personal profile] fullupwithfire)
Am I procrastinating by doing this...? You betcha. )
I wrote 2,728 words this week.

I wrote a one-shot that I edited but haven't actually posted yet (plus it is going to be part of a collection that won't get revealed until April). And I got about 1k words on my Shrunkyclunks piece. Claims for RBB happened and I claimed something, so I've been trying to plot that out. I spent most of today editing the next three chapters of Winter's Tale.

To make my end goal for the month my adjusted daily word goal is: 1,099
Words: 31,000
Hours Spent Writing: 25
Hours Spent Editing: 6
Scenes: 31

Love Marks the Soul
45 scenes, rough estimate of 35k words

Shrunkyclunks Bang fic
16 scenes, rough estimate of 25k words

I want to tell myself that I'm not playing catch-up because I dropped the Time Travel Fix-It but no, that's not true. I still want to finish these two by the end of the month which was my original goal. Maybe the overwhelming sense of "how do words work again?" will go away. Claims for [community profile] caprbb are tomorrow. I'm still debating whether I want to claim anything. With this apathy/depression/whatever I feel like I might not be able to do the beautiful artwork justice.
Goals Realized
Words Written: 28,000 10,335
Hours Spent Writing: 21 7.5
Hours Spent Editing: 7 10.25
Scenes 30 7

Worked On:
10,335 words on Winter's Tale

The Sea Witch (AO3 | FFN)
My Stucky AU Big Bang fic! Please give bastgrr love for her beautiful artwork!

Winter's Tale (AO3 | FFN)
I started posting my chaptered Hermione/Bucky piece! Time Travel epic with a love story. BAMF Hermione, hopeful ending

Come Home to Roost by Nejinee
They're Both Red Except the School Bus by yamyamyam
do you wanna be my sidekick, sidekick by suzukiblu
Greetings to the New Brunette by victoria_p
He Shall Gladly Feast* by TT_Angst_Queen
Waking Up Slow* by odetteanddodile
at least we had it for a moment by apatternedfever
Careful what you wish for by Shaish
Duet for Strings in D Major* by Mystrana & whatthefoucault
Casualties of a Cold War* by RansomNotes
Unviolent Delights in Sweetest Honey* by auroradream & Kelsey_Fantasy

I also crocheted for about 121 hours this month and spent 3 hours drawing. I haven't written in weeks other than a few sentences here and there during Winter's Tale edits. I did submit art for [community profile] caprbb, so maybe that counts as productive. I also binge watched both seasons of Westworld, in like, three days. So there's that, I consumed media! Yay.

*These stories are part of the Stucky AU Big Bang!
I wrote no words this week.

I did keep up with editing and posting Winter's Tale and I did crochet about 42 hours this week.

Now that the art part is done for CapRBB (though I am planning on making one more piece), hopefully, I can return to writing. Or I could just binge watch the second season of Westworld and hope this migraine eases soon instead.

To make my end goal for the month my adjusted daily word goal is: 8,980



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